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Quality Control Music Conference 2019

Posted on April 20, 2019 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

April 16, 2019 - The marketing manager for Quality Control Music hosted his 1st Annual Music Conference in Richmond, VA. Mr. Too Official brought opportunities and gems to artists, producers, and creatives in attendance. Artists flew in from as far as Jacksonville, Florida and drove in from Pennsylvania, NY, D.C, Virginia Beach, Petersburg, and Fredericksburg, VA. Yellow House Studio, located in Richmond, teamed up with Mr. Too Official and the event was definitely one for the books!


All performers were able to do interviews with the various media outlets. Livin Lovely United’s Teniele G. and Big Mars were granted media passes and were able to conduct interviews and capture some dope visuals. Networking was a big take away from the event and if someone didn’t leave without exchanging information, then they didn’t make the most of the opportunity.

Mr. Too Official showed so much love and support to the artists who performed, and what made it even more amazing, was that he took the time out to have an actual conversation with each artist. He also took the time to acknowledge those who represented the media and any other person or company who offered services that could help someone else. The energy at the venue was phenomenal and filled with like-minded individuals.

If you are able to catch an upcoming Quality Control Music Conference, Livin Lovely United recommends you to attend!

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#BELIEVE EP x Young Ye

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Queens, NY- Young Ye released a surprise project titled #BELIEVE with seven tracks that show his lyrical growth. Ye opens up the EP with “Juvenile” which appears to be a PSA and references the rapper Juvenile in a positive light. He follows up with “Unwritten” which is a catchy and features 2uce. Young Ye’s EP also features SixGod Nafi, BillyOPP, Don, Dre-Skii, TyGetit, and Bameo.

#BELIEVE is available for streaming on Soundcloud

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Boss Talk: Lo500 x Polo500

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Virginia brothers Lo500 and Polo500 released their first song together titled "Boss Talk". This is the first time we've seen Lo500 step on the scene as an artist. Boss Talk definitely brings Cali vibes to Virginia, and if you aren't a boss, this song will make you feel like you need to be!

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Big Benz x The Good Stuff

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“It’s Big Benz, like a Mercedes driver.” Virginia hip hop artist Big Benz released his first music video of 2019, titled “The Good Stuff”. We can’t tell you exactly what he’s talking about, you have to head over to YouTube to find that out!

Big Benz is definitely one of the most lyrical artists in Northern Virginia and that is what makes him different from the new rappers in the game. He gives New York hip hop vibes to Virginia.

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Produced By: @grussle_23

Directed By: @pixbyigo

Twitter: @bigbenz5813 @pixbyigo 

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Fee Dollaz x Set It Off

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Washington, D.C. artist Fee Dollaz decided to “Set It Off” without Frankie, Tisean, Cleo, and Stony. Fee Dollaz released her latest project “Set It Off” on Apple Music with a solid 7 tracks. The Intro, “The Hardway”, “Freestyle”, and “Damn” are tracks that really stand out on this project.

“I still be bumping that 50 Cent, roll through the hood cranking that Many Men.” - Fee Dollaz


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A Very Cobain Christmas

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‘Tis the season?! Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Recording Artist, Tony Cobain will be releasing a special holiday short film on December 24, 2018. A Very Cobain Christmas is a Christmas comedy where Tony Cobain finds himself haunted by Christmas ghosts. Their goal is to help him find his Christmas spirit!

Tony wrote this script while attending Howard University and it was brought to life by the cast and directors! The cast consisted of Tony Cobain as Tony, Teniele Graham (Ghost 1), Jacob Wright (Young Tony), Anthony Stephens (Ghost 2), and Mark Dabney (Ghost 3/ Reggie). A Very Cobain Christmas was directed and co-produced by A Castro Ali Cinema and Tyrone Littman was the sound editor.

A Very Cobain Christmas is a short film that family and friends can watch annually during the holiday season!

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Birds II: Midnite Society x Al. Knyght

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On Oct. 5 he released an album called “Birds II: Midnite Society.” It’s a follow-up to an album he released two years ago called “Birds,” which was a dark mix between new wave and old-school hip-hop. With this new project, however, he wanted to step it up and make an evolution of his earlier sound.

“I took my inspiration from the 90s TV Series ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?’” he said. “The kids in that series didn’t know anything about each other, but they would meet at night and listen to each others’ stories. They called themselves the Midnite Society. I want to use my musical talent and my ear and my creative pen to tell some tales I’ve experienced, or to share other people’s stories. I’m trying to be as creative as I can within myself and then share that with the world.”

The 14-track album features the hit single “Get Over It,” which is a smooth soul-based R&B track that incorporates notes of hip-hop. It features Saniyah X, a female singer from Tennessee who developed a large following on Vine before the social media platform was shut down. The song is one that Al. Knyght said encourages people to focus on the bigger picture in life and to let the frustrating things stay in the past.

“If I can’t do anything about something, I have to accept it and let it be and get over it,” he said. “There’s still life left to be lived, even beyond what you can’t change.”




B.B x Big Mars (Album)

Posted on October 3, 2018 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Livin Lovely United's artist Big Mars released his highly anticipated album titled "B.B"! Many may be wondering what does "B.B" stand for; that's a great question! Big Mars hasn't disclosed any background information on the title, but out of the seven tracks on his album listeners can tune their ears to B.B which is track two. Big Mars had lots of catchy melodies and punchlines on every song and he has at least four solid hits on his album! Big Mars is set to release music videos for multiple songs on his first album. "B.B" is available on all major digital platforms such as Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Goolgle Play, and Spotify. 


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